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October 26, 2017

Judy, I just wanted to follow up with you and thank you again for scheduling me in yesterday. This is the first time in years that I've been free of pain in my neck and back. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work and thank you again for what a wonderful job you did.



     On February 6, 2013, I called Judy, who was referred to me by a friend because of the pain I had been experiencing in my hips that ran down my thighs to my shins. I was massaging myself and having my husband massage me at night. I couldn’t lie on my back. I never took pain medicine, which sometimes I would wake during the night and think, “why didn’t I take aspirin at least.”

 Judy knows so much about musculature.  She was professional and caring, making sure I knew what she was doing and why.  She knew exactly where to focus and I am not going to lie, it was uncomfortable at times, but I needed that deep tissue work for the muscles. That old saying, “no pain no gain” applied to me.  It took a couple of sessions, but I was amazed!  The pain in my shins and thighs and hips were completely gone and everything settled in where it should be.

Judy told me that she did all kinds of massage, therapeutic, relaxation.  I would not hesitate to have her massage me again.  It worked! I am sleeping on my back, walking and life is good.



     We have been getting massages from Judy over the past 20 years and feel she is truly gifted.  Judy has the knack of finding sore spots you weren't even aware of and working them out.  Her massages are a great value and we highly recommend her.  A massage from Judy is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or a loved one.

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     Judy--Massage given with skillful hands and a deep understanding of the body.  "I felt so good after my massage with Judy that I could see less stress in my face." "She is amazing, professional and a true practitioner of better health."



     Before I started going to Judy,  I had been to the doctor, the chiropractor, and had done tons of research for my back pain.  Nobody could give me a straight answer to what the cause was or how to fix it!  I was fortunate enough to meet her husband who recommended she could possibly help while I was swimming laps, as that was the only pain relief I could get.  I went from not being able to sleep, lie in bed or sit on the couch, back to normal over a series of massages from Judy.



     I have had the fortune to know Judy since 2010.  She has changed my life.

At that time, in 2010,  I had been suffering with chronic back pain (19 years) that even 2 massages a week could barely relieve nor alleviate.

Judy has the skill, talent and knowledge of how to get to the 'point' of the problem and worked tirelessly on my 'problem areas'.  She provided the 'type' of massage I always dreamed of, but had not found up till then.  Next, we went to work on my 'body alignment', as all those pain filled years had 'influenced' my body to hold itself and upset my optimal posture.  She has tremendous knowledge and experience that has provided a complete package for my 'physical and mental health'. I continue to see Judy often, for continued rehabilitation and maintenance.  Let's just say, I look forward to seeing Judy as often as possible.  It feels great to feel great!!  Thank you a million times over Judy for bringing me back to health.  You are the very best!



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